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International Patients

India is one of the fastest growing medical destinations in the world. It is estimated that the medical tourism rate in India will have an expected annual growth of 30% by the end of 2015. That would mean, that the ground-breaking medical infrastructures and facilities that India has been proposing, is gradually (yet very effectively) having an immense inflow of foreigners.

The most evident reason that one could derive would be low cost, and one would not be all that wrong in thinking so, but it is more than just that! It is the growth of India in terms of its technology and its standards.

Indian medical institutions are equipped with medical and therapeutic procedures that are combined with world class facilities making it an ideal location for cost effective and high quality medical solutions that are of international standards.

A city like Guwahati would be at the centre of this attraction because of its geographical location, proximity with many international borders and known as the gateway to north-east India.  People from different cultures come to Guwahati with disparate mother tongues. Thus the only common language, English and Hindi has become quite widespread; the foreigners would not find much language barrier. Moreover, Guwahati has some of the latest equipments and the cost for medical treatment here is comparatively cheaper which makes it a hub for medical tourism.


Why Sanjevani ?

We boast a 50 bedded facility with access to state of the art technology incorporated into every detail of it’s functioning. Understanding the requirement of the general masses, we have started the Sanjevani center for excellence to provide the very best and comprehensive medical care in cardiac sciences, neuro sciences, bone and joint, hepatobiliary sciences, renal sciences and women & child care. Sanjevani is a blend of highly focused patient care equipped with CCU/ICU/ NICU/ PICU/ SICU.

We aim to bring together the very best of the available technology and innovations with the very best talents in each field of medicinal care that we undertake. We are committed to meeting the needs of our patients and provide them the most appropriate care delivered by knowledgeable, compassionate doctors who are among the leaders in their respective fields and who are always around you before, during and after your stay with us


Patient Assistance

Our support and assistance to help ease your travel and stay covers all areas including

  • Airport pick up and ground transportation.
  • Flight ticket reservation, travel plan and visa application
  • Language interpretation: We have special arrangements for exclusive coordinators who can converse with the patient in their own language and help to make their stay simpler as well as for the doctors at the time of diagnostics and treatment.
  • Ambulance services
  • Booking medical appointments
  • Complimentary medical opinions and treatment estimates
  • Help you with insurance company and queries about insurance
  • A personal dietician and special international menu during your stay
  • Visa extension services.
  • FRRO assistance.
  • Hotel/ Resorts booking in case you plan to extend your stay in order to complete your follow-up treatment.


End to End Service

From the airport pick-up till the time you are in the city for treatment, we assist you with everything

  • The initial consultation with the doctors
  • Advance room Bookings
  • Schedule standard pre-surgical tests required
  • Organize/ Explain your pre/post-surgical medication to you.
  • Post discharge tests/ Consultations if required
  • Detailed discharge summary with all the reports and doctor’s notes is given
  • Daily medical updates to the family.
  • Hotel bookings/ Sightseeing / Shopping.
  • Ticket booking/ Rescheduling
  • Money exchange


International Help Desk

Our International Help Desk is geared to welcome you and help you to understand and seek the best treatment options available at Sanjevani. Our executives are well trained and can help you to deal with the stressful experience of seeking medical treatment comfortably for you and your loved ones. OPERATING HOURS: 24 hours help desk facility.


Official Email-Id

You can write us for any query/medical help that you may require at or contact us at +91-8811098188.


Accommodation & Hotels for international patients:

For inpatients:

The hospital has all the necessary arrangements keeping in mind patients comfort and safety, in a sustainable manner. During your stay with us, you’ll have a choice of selecting from our range of private deluxe, standard private, and semi-private rooms all catering to your utmost comfort.


Billing, Insurance & Payments

Billing and Insurance:

We help our patients with the most complete and accurate billing services and to serve our patients efficiently we request them the following:

  • A copy of referral from your primary care physician.
  • A copy of your insurance card.
  • Passport copy.
  • Any required payment or co-payment methods for our reference.

Our international patient unit will help verify insurance coverage and benefits for patients who have been scheduled for a procedure or hospital stay. We will work directly with your insurance company to confirm all required authorizations that have been approved prior to a patient’s visit. You can contact +91-8811098188 or write to for any insurance authorization questions or concerns.


Uninsured Patients:

Uninsured patients will receive a statement for hospital services availed during their stay. All the charges incurred during your stay will be informed and explained to you clearly.


Modes of Payment:

Cash -You can pay in cash (INR or USD)

Card – All payments are accepted through international Visa/ MasterCard debit or credit cards.

Wire Transfer


 Medical Tourism:

For enquiries related to international business or international patients, please email us at